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How and When can I book?

•I'm currently booking on a month to month basis, every two to three months.

•All updates on when booking is open will be on my instagram (@brenna.eagan). The date of opening varies, but I give a few days or weeks notice. 

•During the time that booking is open, please fill out a booking form on this website, under the "Tattooing" > "Book an Appointment" tab. If booking is not open, you will be led to a landing page and will have to wait until the next booking cycle.

What kind of work are you booking?

•I do a variety of work, but specialize in fine line blackwork. I like subjects such as nature, florals, fine art references, script, unique objects, antique/vintage themes, etc, and am always open to your new ideas.

•I accept color work, but only within the limits of my capability and style. 

•CURRENTLY, I'm not accepting very large work, due to health reasons - so small to medium, single-session tattoos will be prioritized. 

•I currently am NOT doing inner finger tattoos, behind the ear tattoos, or below the ankle tattoos - these places notoriously fade out, or spread/blow out, and I'd like to focus on pieces that last. 

Do you do coverups or reworks?

•Cover-ups I will very rarely consider, circumstantially -  if your original tattoo is small/faded enough and I feel like I can cover it efficiently with the ideas you have for it, then we can discuss.

•Re-works/touch-ups of tattoos not done by me are not something I currently do. 

Booking multiple pieces:

•If you have a few (small) tattoos in mind, it's both cost and time effective for us to book them together. This also goes for adding on a small tattoo to your larger tattoo's appointment. Please only fill out ONE booking form listing your ideas.

Multiple person appointments

•If you're looking for a matching tattoo, or an appointment with a friend to both get work done, please fill out ONE booking form, with both of your information included. This way I know to keep you together. 

•I can't promise booking people together if you both want medium/large pieces, as my availability ends up being scattered. 


•My minimum is $150 ($100 for tiny simple work), and pricing is based on the details of the design. I will give you a price range/estimate once we book an appointment and I have all of the information needed. 

•I mainly charge per piece, but when doing hourly, my rate is $200/hr

•Final payment will be accepted by Cash (preferred), credit and debit cards, Zelle, and Venmo. There is an ATM in my studio's building. 


•As of January 1st, 2023, I am located in an appointment-only private salon suite, in North Babylon, NY.

•The exact address and arrival info will be emailed to you when we book.


•A non-refundable deposit ($100 for medium-large tattoos, $50 for small) is required to secure your appointment, which comes off the final price of your tattoo. This can be accepted through Zelle or Venmo.

I will send you a link when we book. 

•This deposit can be transferred only once for a reschedule (as long as you cancel before 48hrs from your appt). The deposit can only be held for up to one year for that reschedule.

•The deposit is due within 24hrs after we secure a date and time - once the deposit is received, your appointment is official.


•Touch ups are free of charge within the first year. After that, it is typically $50 set up fee. This can be discussed based on how your tattoo looks and what needs to be done.

•If you need a touch up, please send an email including a photo of how the tattoo looks now. My booking does not have to be open for you to reach out, I will try to get you in at my soonest availability.

•If you want a new tattoo as well, it's most effective to do the touch up at that next appointment.

Can I see my design ahead of time?

•Usually, no - I design your tattoos in order of appointments so I don't overwhelm myself. I most likely won't have it ready until at your appointment, but don't worry, I allot consultation time so we can make any minor changes until you're happy with it. 


•It is preferred that you come to your appointment alone, it is a very small space and maximum occupancy is 3-4 people. (including me)

•I can permit up to one guest with you, only with notice so I am prepared.

•Multiple-person appointments may come in together, but no additional guests will be permitted.



•Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment (by email or DM). Deposits can be transferred once as long as the cancellation is made at least 48hrs before your appt. Canceling within 48hrs will result in the forfeit of your deposit. Deposits can only be held for up to one year for that reschedule.

•If you no-show without contacting me, you forfeit your deposit and a new one will be required to re-book.

•*Rescheduling is the client's responsibility - usually when you cancel, I'll give you some new date options to re-book, but if you don't know when you will re-book yet, it's your responsibility to reach back out and make that happen!*

Why didn't I get booked?

•It's never anything personal - I am only one person and can only fit so many people per month. I currently have limited availability due to health reasons, and as my following grows, the harder it is to get everyone booked. I'm also grateful to be able to be a little more selective right now and choose pieces that I'd really love to work on and that I think would improve my portfolio. If I don't think your idea is the best fit for my work, please don't be offended - there are tons of other artists who'd do it even better. When I can, I'll suggest someone.


•If you feel sick in any way, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19, or have it yourself, within 2 weeks leading up to your appointment, please reschedule with me. (send an email to the address below)

•Safety and health take priority over getting tattooed, so please respect my health and yours. I personally have a weak immune system and get sick very easily. 

•A face mask is no longer required but please use your discretion and do what is comfortable.


•New York law requires you to be 18+ to get tattooed *Please bring a valid form of photo ID to your appointment (driver's license or passport)*


If I wrap your tattoo with Derm Shield:

Keep the Derm Shield bandage on for 3-5 days, then gently peel it off closely to the skin in the shower/with water, and dispose of. Don't rewrap the tattoo again.

Wash gently with unscented antibacterial soap, and pat dry with a disposable cloth/paper towel or let air dry.  

•Apply unscented lotion, and keep your tattoo clean and moisturized for 3-4 weeks, applying thin layers 2-3x a day.

•A "smudged" look under the bandage while wearing it is normal, it's blood and plasma that will wash off.

•During the 3-4 weeks of healing, NO swimming or soaking in water, NO tanning or direct heavy sun exposure, NO scratching or picking at the tattoo.

If I wrap your tattoo with plastic wrap:

•Keep the plastic wrap on for 3-4 hours, then remove and dispose of. 

•Wash gently with unscented antibacterial soap, and pat dry with a disposable cloth/paper towel or let air dry.

•Apply a thin layer of antibacterial ointment, and don't rewrap again. For 2-3 days, wash and apply just ointment twice a day. Then, for 3 weeks, keep clean and apply just unscented moisturizer 2-3x a day.

•During the 3-4 weeks of healing, NO swimming or soaking in water, NO tanning or direct heavy sun exposure, NO scratching or picking at the tattoo.



Thank you!

Instagram @brenna.eagan



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