Limbo: Round 2

I started this project a whopping three years ago, and then life got in the way. Limbo's original intent was to be an online shop where artists would sell their work, and I would only include artists who's values and goals aligned with mine.

Re-visiting Limbo means re-inventing it, and changing what it means to me.

My ultimate, gigantic, life goal, is to have Limbo be a space for art of all kinds. A physical place, that includes my private art studio, a tattoo studio, a small band concert stage, and probably some sort of mini-bar/concession to go with that.

I will create Limbo.

Limbo is an open name, with endless possibilities. It describes an intermediate state and place in which there is no solid definition or limit. This means that I can create anything and it will align with my goals. The space can constantly evolve and update with every new idea.

It is my life, and my practice, and my need to share with the world what art in all forms can do for them.

Stay tuned.

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