October 10, 2019

Presenting Limbo's first music video - directed and produced by Brenna Eagan. 

"Fight Club" by Christa Ferry and Fernando Sancho

July 13, 2019

I started this project a whopping three years ago, and then life got in the way. Limbo's original intent was to be an online shop where artists would sell their work, and I would only include artists who's values and goals aligned with mine.

Re-visiting Limbo means re-inventing it, and changing what it means to me. 

My ultimate, gigantic, life goal, is to have Limbo be a space for art of all kinds. A physical place, that includes my private art studio, a tatt...

September 19, 2016

Though i filmed the video for my Limbo indiegogo project over the summer, i've finally been in the right mindset and found some motivation to edit it and start recruiting artists. Just one of the crazy amounts of things i have to do is starting this blog, where i'll be updating you on what's going on with Limbo, and my thought processes along the way. 

So here's to my first official Limbo blog post! I'll be back very soon!

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